DISINFECT hails from Ludwigsburg, Germany. The music fts best what could be described as fast, extreme Death Metal in the vein of American (technical) Death Metal bands. But with a unique twist. Rather strange time signatures and squeeling guitars, just to name a few.
The lyrics are about war, okkultism, violence and all those other stories that life writes on a daily basis. The first (live) promo CD was made in 1999.

After some line-up changes, DISINFECT signed a record deal with REST IN PEACE Rex in the end of 2000.

Summer 2001 the first official CD called "BEINSPENDER" was recorded in Slowakia in the Exponent Studios. This CD includes 9 songs of blasting brutal Death Metal and recived many very good reviews most of the them highscore. The band was voted as best live-band 2001 in Wärchhof in Luzern/Switzerland and had to play there several times again like in whole CH! Concerts in most parts of Germany, in different European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Chzech Rep, Slovak Rep., Switzerland.....) a lot of gigs, Festivals (OUT AND LOUD OPEN AIR; OBSCENE EXTREME, UP FROM THE GROUND, DEPTH OF WINTER, MONASTIC DOOM, SKULL FUCKED, SOUL GRINDING...) and tours with bands like SINISTER, APOPHIS and others.


In 2009, the new CD "Screams of Pleasure" was released to the public.

After years of silence, the band had recharged the battery and started doing gigs again in 2015.

The pathway doesn't end here... And the tank keeps on rolling...

2017 Working on the next album!

2018 In studio recording the new album!

Vocals: Martin  
Guitar: Chris  


Bass: C  
Drums: Tmsz  



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